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Dalton Street Capital
Absolute Return Fund

Founded in June 2016, Rhett Dinsdale and Aji Mathews joined shortly after and assumed control in April 2020. Dalton Street Capital (DSC) is a quantitative investment manager specialising in listed equities and derivatives in the APAC region. DSC has a solid 5 year track record of delivering absolute returns with low correlation to all major asset classes.

Vantage Point
Asian Macro

Established in 2017, Vantage Point Asset Management (VPAM) is a leading asset management firm providing investment management, risk management, and client solutions to institutional and accredited investors. Our investment edge is behavioural. Specifically, we seek to take on expanded risk premium when there has been a rapid and emotional shift in beliefs around trend returns on an asset. We bolster our investment process by implementing a systematic quant screening process alongside ESG considerations.

DSM Capital Partners
Global Growth

DSM Capital Partners actively manages growth stock investment portfolios for its clients and follows a disciplined investment process that identifies quality companies that offer attractive returns. DSM was founded in 2001 by Daniel Strickberger and Stephen Memishan and reminds 100% owned by current employees and founding partners. DSM manages over $10 billion across domestic, international, global and emerging market equities offered through a variety of investment strategies and vehicles.

Gyrostat Fund B

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Dalton Street Capital
Market Neutral Trust

Antonio has over 30 years experience in financial markets including 15 years experience in Asian equities and convertible bond markets having worked in senior positions in Singapore, Tokyo, Zurich, Milan and London. A perfect addition to the Dalton Street Team, Antonio runs the Market Neutral Trust with the support of Rhett and Aji.

Terra Capital
Natural Resource Fund

Founded in 2010 by Jeremy Bond, Terra Capital is a specialist, small-mid cap, Australian investment manager with an established track record of performance, disciplined management and industry experience in the natural resource and materials space.

Firth Investment Management
Small Cap Asia

Established in 2007, Firth Investment is an independent, long-only, active investment manager specialising in listed Asia ex-Japan small-cap equities. The firm is incorporated in Singapore and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

The Gyrostat Risk Managed Equity Fund

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