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Firth Asian Smaller Companies Fund was launched in 2008 by the founder, Richard Firth. The investment team considers that Asia ex-Japan equity markets are not consistently efficient and that an investment process utilising fundamental research and quantitative analytical tools can deliver a better return and risk outcome over time compared to regional equity benchmarks. This is a long-only, actively managed approach to investing in Asia ex-Japan small cap.

The investment process has been developed as a result of the team’s proprietary research and experience with the asset class. The focus is on stock selection and emphasis on managing the risks specific to the investment strategy through a framework of risk management limits.

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Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. The performance figures shown do not reflect the deduction of investment advisory or performance-based fees. A client’s return will be reduced by these fees and other expenses incurred by the management of an advisory account. As an example, the effect of a 1.5% management fee per annum and a 10% performance fee per annum would mean a net annual return of 7.65% on a gross annual return of 10%.

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