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Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Gyrostat are specialists in delivering diversified low and non correlated investment solutions which address sequencing and portfolio drawdown risk while delivering equity income.

The key executives and Board Members hold equity in the firm and are significant investors in the Fund. Craig Racine is the MD and CIO of the Gyrostat. Craig Racine has held senior executive positions based in Australia and Hong Kong in asset management, private equity, investment banking, equity research, and industry.

Our team has extensive experience domestically and globally, as investors, as non-executive directors, and as senior management in funds management, private equity, industry, investment banking, and equity research.

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Gyrostat Risk Managed Equity Fund Class A

The flagship Gyrostat Absolute Return Income Equity Class A is designed to reliably increase in value on major market falls (downside tail always in place) with regular income through the complete investment cycle. It has a track record exceeding ten years with no quarterly drawdown greater than a pre-defined 3% limit.

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